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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Dell Enterprise class hardware and utilise every piece of redundancy possible (PSW, NIC's etc)

Yes we only use enterprise class SSD's in a minimum of a RAID5 volume. The backup array is a minimum of a RAID5 volume.

Absolutely! We would be sad to see you go but can provide the your instance(s) via FTP or USB at an additional charge. We can provide the instance(s) in either VMDK, QCOW2 or RAW format.

All instances and data is held in the region you deploy from and snapshot/backup data is held in the same region. Localhost does not own your data and depending on data size can be provided to you via FTP or USB at an additional cost.

We use Linux KVM as a virtualisation platform.

Yes we do. The virtual machine will still have resources allocated to it so as such will be charged. We are looking to only charge for disk on a stopped instance in the future.

Yes, Australian GST is included in all quotes and transactions.

We accept payments through the Paypal API, you can pay using your credit card or Paypal account. All transactions are not held or transacted by Localhost. All transactions meet the highest standard of security through the resilient and safe Paypal API.

We calculate each month at 28 days, regardless of the actual calendar month. This works out at 24 hours x 28 days = 672 hours total per month